What we offer?

In our offer You can find diversified solutions of modern and energy-efficient LED lighting intended for households, office and industrial structures and also for street traffic.

In our product line we have analogues for:

- all traditional sources of light ( bulbs, halogen bulbs, etc.),

- traditional fluorescent lamps T8 and T5 type - made with 3528 and 3014 diode type,

- traditional fluorescent lamps T8 and T5 type - made with 3014 diode type by OSRAM brand,

- traditional filament exposers,

- bulbs and street bindings.

Also as part of our offer:

- LED tapes,

- LED modules,

- downlight,

- high bays,

- plug, modular and waterproof feeders .

Why us?

Our company offers you products supplied only by the most reliable manufacturers of the latest source of light and components based on LED technology. We also specialize in comprehensive service related to:

- savings calculation using LED lighting,

- design and visualization of lighting,

- montage,

- guarantee and post-guarantee service.

Where you can buy our products?

You can buy our products directly from our on-line store: www.store-led.pl/ .

We also purchase on ALLEGRO service under the nickname: Smile-led .