What we do?

SMILE LED concerns with innovative and environmentally-friendly sources of light. In Our offer you can find the most modern lighting products made with LED technology:

- LED tapes,

- LED bulbs,

- LED fluorescent lamps,

- LED street lighting,

- LED industrial lighting .

Our goal is to provide the best service quality to change a traditional lighting and adapt the modern energy-efficient LED lighting.

We offer you the professional advice in appropriate selection of lighting as well as products presentation. Our products will help you efficiently reduce costs related to energy use.

Check out the details of our rich offer.

Why LED lighting ?

Leading-edge LED technology is stability, energy-efficiency and consequently - attention to ecology. Using the energy-saving LED solutions will help you reduce costs related to energy use (up to 90% savings) with retain highest conditions of safety and ecology.

How much you can save when replacing traditional lighting with energy-efficient LED solutions you can see on a picture below.